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After “Validated”, Laeti enters a new era

“Welcome to my crazy life”, sings Leati in the chorus ofa day with, the opening track of his first album unveiled this Friday, May 6. With hindsight, the term would seem almost ridiculous when you know how much his daily life has been turned upside down in the past two years. Still unknown to the public in 2019, Lætitia Kerfa scratched her texts in her room and further refined her talents as an MC over the Parisian open mics evenings. This of course when she was not rapping on the boards to play in the play, Du Sale.

It was precisely during one of her theatrical performances in Aubervilliers that the young Franco-Algerian artist was spotted by the watchful eye of Franck Gastambide. She doesn’t know it yet, but he sees her as the incarnation of Lalpha, the future heroine of the second season of his already cult series, Validé. Passed from the shadow of the blocks to the light of the spotlights, Laeti begins an irresistible ascent. The series is a hit, the young artist bursts the screen, concerts and live sessions follow one another while she quickly becomes a new generational idol.

It is clear that being so quickly confronted with the pressure of the media and the enthusiasm of the public would have made many of us lose face. But despite some obvious dizziness, Laeti hangs on and intends to materialize for good his dreams of glory and his plans to conquer the rap game.

To achieve her goals, she locked herself in the studio in parallel with her new fast life, to give life to her first real musical project. It was after a year and a half of hard work that she finally gave birth to her first album, A day with, a day without. A disc witness to its tormented past and its sparkling present, but above all an open door to a radiant future.

An open and more personal album

At the end of the series Valida bright future is taking shape for Lalpha: her ex who bullied her is put out of harm’s way, the problems of a painful neighborhood liability are erased and after many adventures, her career as a rapper finally takes off. A happy ending if we compare it to the tragic fate of Apash, definitively silenced after an exponential rise in power in the game. Where the story is beautiful for Leati is that in addition to having benefited from the success of Validé to break through, her reality has squarely exceeded fiction when she performed under her real face the anthem of her character. , Ride All Night, during the true Hip-Hop Symphonique 6 event.

Driven by its unmissable hit, but also by the singles that followed, Blue Sofa, Shine featuring with Alonzo, The road is long and Tell me in the company of Soolking, Laeti offers us a musically very varied album. Over the course of the 15 titles that make up Un jour avec, un jour sans, she demonstrates her formidable ability to adapt. She manages to pose as much on trap sounds (Automatic, Fantastic, Nothing has saved, One day without…) as on drill (Inanimated), cloud rap (Vertige, Hood…), dancing pieces ( Let me dance, God Bless), more pop songs (Best) and even sometimes on more punk rock guitar riffs (Pour mon gang, Rider tout la night, Automatique). Visibly grown out of her musical experience with Alonzo, she even flirts with the traditional Marseille zumba in Foufou, a frenzied title on which Jul could easily have slipped his autotuned flow.

If the J was unfortunately not invited to the party, the guy is surely still in space making sound with extraterrestrials. let’s talk about the real guests of this album. They are two in number. We first have Soolking on Laisse-moi danser and with which the musical alchemy begun in Tell me is confirmedbut also Hatik.

Much more than a collaboration between the two star artists of Validé, Vertige relates their respective experience, but also common in the face of the dazzling whirlwind of fame. A collaboration undoubtedly born of the many extra-musical discussions that there were between the two artists. At the microphone of Mouv’ a few weeks ago, the rapper had indeed confirmed that Hatik, having lived through the Validé frenzy before her, had supported him and had not failed to provide him with valuable advice to deal with it and Above all, do not lose face.

Note that Laeti had also told us about a collaboration with Manu Chao, a surprising and inevitably highly anticipated duo, but ultimately absent from the final tracklist of the album. It is currently impossible for us to explain why and no doubt that we are not at the end of our surprises, but the rapper has caught up well by delivering her own cover of the classic Je ne t’aime plus released in 1998 and taken from Manu Chao’s first album, Clandestino. A piece oh so important the young MC of 93 as the singer rocked his youth.

But when we really know where she comes from, we nevertheless regret that Laeti did not offer us more rapped, technical and street-sounding songs. Let us remember all the same that the artist began to hone his skills at the microphone in the open mics of the capital. If it is difficult today to find traces of his performances on the Internet, his freestyles on the instrument of That’s My People of NTM or his rap battle against Yamar proposed in Valid are there to remind us that Laeti, in addition to being a lover of rhymes and words, does have kicking in her blood.

This putting in the background of the pure rapological exercise while it remains the very essence of her art is all the more incomprehensible since she herself had teased her project with an ultra-technical eponymous freestyle. Listening to the latter, we could therefore resolutely expect cutting in the rules of the art, but it was not. Unveiled exclusively for Daymolition, this freestyle was not even selected for the final project. And that’s a shame.

The musicality of this album reviewed, let us now look at what it says. Because if Leati obtained her first successful singles in the soundtrack of Valid, on this first disc, she had the heavy task of emancipating herself from Lalpha by telling herself more. Does it succeed here? It is clear that yes.

It is indeed her life, her journey and her daily life that she transcribes without artifice, through the exaltation of her emotions, her ambitions, her ups, her downs, her successes, her doubts and her personal failures. All this coupled with a few ultra-effective hits and toplines that promise to remain engraved in our memories, but also to make us turn up all summer long.

It is undoubtedly for all these reasons that the artist with the lioness temperament is not afraid to clash with his alter ego and to declare unequivocally “I am better than Lalpha”. On this statement, everyone will be a judge, but one thing is certain, if the road to success is still long for Laeti, she does not intend to stop there.

The story continues

For starters, she has the attention to commune with her audience and defend her debut album on stage. In total, it is no less than 120 dates that she has planned, including one at La Cigale in Paris on June 2, 2022. In the studio or on stage, her career is just beginning and Laeti already promises to aim even higher and to further develop her musical work over the projects. That said, always faithful to her double hat, the rapper also knows that a potential brilliant career in the cinema is also open to her.

After attracting all eyes in front of Franck Gastambide’s cameras and shining with a thousand fires in her various clips, obviously other directors were quick to take an interest in her. Inevitably, therefore, the requests are not lacking. She has also confirmed on the waves of Mouv that she had already received several proposals for scenarios, without saying more for the moment. We’ll see it all on the big screen when the time comes. In any case, one thing is certain, whether with her pen or her acting skills, and she will rob everything. We assure you.

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