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Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Boxset – A collection of six vinyls and over 120 musical tracks to celebrate the license’s 20th anniversary – Music

If we know the license Ace Attorney mainly for its incredible flip-flops and endearing characters, it has also offered cult musical tracks during its 20 years of existence. If on the side of the players we especially expect a Switch compilation for the opuses being only released in dematerialized form on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, Capcom and Just For Games come back to us today to talk to us about music, and more precisely about vinyl!

December 24, 2022we will have the possibility to buy on the Just For Games online store a compilation called Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Boxsetcomprising 6 black vinyls for a total of 121 musical tracks from the 6 main titles of the license:

  • Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney
  • Ace Attorney – Justice For All
  • Ace Attorney – Trials And Tribulations
  • Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney
  • Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies
  • Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

The compilation being announced at a price of €149.99 by Just For Games, pre-orders are already open. on their online store. If you want to know the different music present on the vinyls, we let you consult their dedicated page just here.

About Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Boxset (Original Soundtrack):

It’s been 20 years since the legal adventure Ace Attorney was born on the Game Boy Advance with the release of Gyakuten Saiban (“Turnabout Trial”) in Japan. The lovable characters, witty dialogue, and the iconic “Objection!” singles of the series have found fans around the world and have sold over 6 million copies. With a live-action anime and film, as well as multiple manga series, plays, escape games, and orchestra concerts (among other adaptations) to date, Ace Attorney has transcended the world of video games.

To celebrate the occasion, Capcom and Laced Records are deepening their relationship with video game soundtracks by announcing the release of the Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary deluxe vinyl box set. This box set features a selection of 121 specially remastered titles from six main games in the series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice.

This standard edition includes six thick vinyls, black as the judges’ robes. The vinyls slip into printed inner sleeves, all in a deluxe hard cardboard case.

The record cover features beautiful never-before-seen artwork by ultimatemaverickx (profile DeviantArt), the Capcom fan artist behind Laced Records’ famous Mega Man vinyl covers. The front cover’s parade of characters brings together the lawyers and their allies, while the back panel brings together the dastardly prosecutors. Inner sleeve elements depict re-imagined moments from all six games, like Franziska von Karma bringing Detective Gumshoe into line, or the gang hanging out in the offices of the Wright Anything agency.

Over the years, the wacky exploits of Wright and co have been accompanied by melodic, catchy musical loops. Ace Attorney’s score can go through a myriad of palettes: catchy pop and rock, funk and downtempo jazz, melodramatic synth, grandiose orchestra, spiritual songs, clownish ditties and dreamy electro.

Reminiscent of soap operas, game shows and newscasts, as well as film scores from the 80s and 90s, the series’ music has an irresistibly endearing playfulness. And who can forget the moment when the soundtrack kicks into high gear during cross-examination after presenting the right evidence?

The composition of the first three games was entrusted to Masakazu Sugimori (Viewtiful Joe), Naoto Tanaka alias Akemi Kimura (Bayonetta) and Noriyuki Iwadare (Lunar: The Silver Star, Grandia), while Toshihiko Horiyama (Mega Man series, Onimusha), Hideki Okugawa, Shu Takami, and Masami Onodera contributed to the following games.

  • 121 remastered titles from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice.
  • Music by Masakazu Sugimori, Naoto Tanaka aka Akemi Kimura, Noriyuki Iwadare, Toshihiko Horiyama, Hideki Okugawa, Shu Takami and Masami Onodera.
  • Six thick black vinyls
  • Deluxe 3mm record sleeves
  • Rigid cardboard box
  • Original artwork by ultimatemaverick


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