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A wind of soul and blues on the port of Saint-Nazaire with Malted milk

Get ready to dance with Malted Milk this Thursday, August 04 in the third part of the evening by reliving the concert given at Les Escales de Saint Nazaire in 2021! A wind of soul and blues will blow on “the beach at the shows”

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On August 15, 2021, the roof of the Saint Nazaire submarine base hosted the closing concert of the “stopovers”. On display is the Nantes group Malted Milk, a French incarnation of the soul current that has been flourishing since the beginning of the 2000s. Composed of a dozen brilliant musicians led by singer-guitarist Arnaud Fradin, Malted Milk plays joyful and powerful music, as was produced in the heyday of the 1970s.

A challenge for Malted Milk: to swing

This 52-minute show is a musical journey that takes us to the other side of the Atlantic where blues, soul and funk were born. All that’s missing is the liner’s fog horn at the start of a new transatlantic crossing whose history was written here in Saint Nazaire. The brass will do the job! The sun plays with the clouds and the wind, it is slow to set. Behind the scenes, Arnaud Fradin, leader of the group, his musicians have agreed with the director of the concert film, Guillaume Déro, to wait for the veil of night to settle over the city. The aesthetic requirement of the videographer and the singer is an assumed choice. The 400 spectators resist the gusts before the storm of rhythm that awaits them. That’s it, the setting and the moment give the start of the concert.

It was so beautiful to overlook the city and have a 360 degree view

Arnaud has prepared this meeting as one organizes a party. He finds the festival in which the group had participated six years earlier, his technician friends and the Vipp team, the cultural place where he regularly takes his artist residencies. He invited a “former” of the group, the guitarist Yann Cuyeu who came as a neighbor, convinced the two choristers Laurence Le Baccon and Julie Dumoulin to be there. For this concert, the founder of “malted Milk” has prepared a playlist that tells more than the titles of his latest ep “Riding hight” which is coming out these days and the album “Love, tears & guns” published in 2019 .

Because for more than 23 years of existence, the training has evolved a lot, it has improved over the years like Malted Milk, malted milk: whiskey in American slang. The group’s musical palette has always been enriched with new nuances that go beyond the more classic soul-funk-blues influences that made up its repertoire.

This concert must be a reflection of what we did best in the heyday of the 1970s because since the beginning, Malted milk has had an obsession: to take us to the territories of black American music.

Malted Milk started out as an acoustic blues duo. In 2012, with five new musicians, he evolved into a drunken music full of fervor which, with its brass section, turns out to be a formidable dance machine. For Arnaud, music is all about encounters and opportunities.

The rest is 100% malted milk full of funk, brassy riffs, guitar flights, nervous bass lines and organ growls. The collaboration with American singer Toni Green on the “Milk and Green” project between 2015 and 2017 opened the doors to the biggest European festivals with more than 10,000 albums sold!

The album Love, “Tears & Guns” released in 2019 with new collaborations revives the desire for the stage too quickly interrupted by the pandemic. Hence the idea of ​​letting go, hitting the road, heading straight ahead, straight towards the sun with the title “Let me ride” a real snub to the confinements and other curfews that have punctuated our lives for a year and a half, “Let me ride” opens spaces wide and makes you dream.

In almost a quarter of a century of good and loyal service, the group Malted Milk had never accompanied its music with a clip, a real scripted clip. An image produced by Julien Dubois on the Mexican West Coast.

New video – MALTED MILK – LET ME RIDE (Official video clip)

The group’s approach was to create a hypnotic climate for the music…, keeping the groove and soul sounds that characterize Malted Milk. The atmosphere is an invitation to introspection and escape. What could be better than a road trip with a very American actress, a beautiful car, wide open spaces and a sun to melt the ice…

Arnaud Fradin

Malted Milk concert recorded on August 15, 2021

A La Huit production in co-production with Les escales de Saint Nazaire Fotogram

With the participation of France Télévisions

A film by Guillaume Dero.

Malted milk with Arnaud Fradin: (guitar, vocals) Richard Housset: Drums Igor Pichon: bass Damien Cornelis: Keyboards Eric Chambouleyron: guitar Vincent Aubert: Trombone Pierre-Marie Humeau: Trumpet Laurence Le Baccon and Julie Dumoulin: Backing vocals

This recording can also be found on

Theatre, dance, opera, classical music, jazz, rock, French songs, urban music… the show occupies all cultural areas! Until August 25, France 3 Pays de la Loire offers you every Thursday in the 3rd part of the evening concerts, live shows or even opera.

Just before the broadcast of the Malted Milk concert, you will hear Jeanne Cherhal and her piano in a literary concert, inspired by her collection “At five years old, I became down to earth” in an atypical place: the Robert Tatin museum, this artist recognized friend of Cocteau, Giacometti, Prévert traveled the world before imagining his house, in Mayenne, in the small village of Cossé-le-Vivien. And just after Malted milk, late evening in the heart of the Déas abbey, an architectural gem and place of culture in Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu in Loire-Atlantique, where the Sésame tour bus stopped. A majestic and intimate setting for the concert of the artist Françoiz Breut who interprets, under the dazzled gaze of the 12 winners, his flagship titles but also new releases from his latest album Flux flou de la crowd released in April 2021

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