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a unique creation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival in concert

Les Escales 2022 brought together more than 40,000 paying spectators between July 29 and 31, 2022. A look back at the festival’s 30th anniversary concert-event. And memories of the first edition of the festival by its creator Patrice Bulting.

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La marseillaise à pétanque 2022, 61st edition of the world

Two and a half hours of an original and unique creation with twenty artists and groups who have made the history of Les Escales.

The birthday cake was hearty and digestible at the same time.

Thanks to the musical mastery of chef 20Syl in the kitchen and on stage at the same time with his musical companions.

When I was offered the project I said ok I’m doing it but I’m not doing it alone.“explains 20Syl, musical director of the 30th anniversary concert.

The idea was to have my friends from Hocus Pocus with me and create this backing band that would be the backbone of the show.” he adds

The musicians of Hocus Pocus are there to accompany a good part of the musicians who are present” provides 20Syl

We go from Titi Robin to C2C. It’s really the idea of ​​going from one moment to another but creating a story in all of this. A kind of coherence and a journey I played with the contrasts and the dynamics in the structures of the show


musical director of the 30th anniversary concert

Another universe, that of the Angevin Titi Robin accustomed to musical equilibrism, associated with the cosmopolitan band of Lo’Jo.

But also presenting his latest project with a Catalan singer.

Always adept at improvisation, he willingly accepts the requested exercise and mixes his gypsy culture and hip-hop aesthetics.

Just now we were talking with the musicians. I told them “here I do the rhythm like this one/two/three, one one/two/three, one/two (Editor’s note: he claps his hands) if you can mark the time here i love it“. And he answers me “oh yes I will try” But we take risks because we don’t even test first. It is this pleasure that we will share with the public“explains Titi Robin.

Big icing on the cake, the big sound of Elmer Food Beat and other newcomers from Kokomo comes to decorate the menu.

If you missed it, don’t panic, it will be available to you exclusively on France3 Pays de la Loire in October.

Among the very many spectators of this extraordinary show, a somewhat special visitor: the creator of Les Escales.

Patrice Bulting was the founder of this festival in 1992 and its director until 2013.

Although now retired, he returns to attend concerts regularly.

He remembers the founding act of the festival.

The first edition was a bet” remembers Patrice Bulting.

Before there was a very different event called Les Fêtes de la Mer which had no theme” he says.

The mayor of Saint-Nazaire Joël Batteux asked me to bring a strong event to Saint-Nazaire that reflects the image of the city, that is to say open to the world, which shows the hospitality of the quays of the port. on the various destinations and in particular the Caribbean. This was precisely the theme chosen for this first year.

Patrice Bulting

creator of the Les Escales festival

I brought back groups that did particularly well, including one that was coming to Europe for the first time. These are the Skatalites who played on the docks, just behind where I am. And the relationship with the public has been exceptional” he recalls.

A video taken from a documentary filmed on the Skatalites, the founding group of ska, created in 1964 and still active:

We also brought in another important artist: Linton Kwesi Johnson.” recalls Patrice Bulting (Editor’s note: one of the founders of dub, a genre of instrumental reggae, and committed poet)

He lived in Britain but he was a Jamaican his coming was extraordinary“says the creator of the festival.

Linton Kwesi Johnson gave all the meaning to the festival by asking the press, who had come in large numbers to interview him, to follow him. He took them to the monument to slavery, which at the time was one of the first monuments in the world dedicated to the abolition of slavery. There he said “this is my music, that’s it. If you don’t understand it, it doesn’t make sense. The festival has a meaning, that’s why I’m here”. It is this gesture that set the tone for the festival and its openness to the world with the history of peoples

Patrice Bulting

creator of the Les Escales festival

A video of Linton Kwesi Johnson recorded in 1996 on the set of the program Nulle Part Ailleurs

And Patrice Bulting to list the significant arrival of many other artists like Gilberto Gil in 2011.

He was Minister of Culture of his country. He was doing two dates in Europe and he wanted to come to Saint-Nazaire“.

The report from France 3 Pays de la Loire on the arrival of Gilberto Gil at Les Escales de Saint-Nazaire:

Or to talk about the arrival of Marianne Faiuthfull on the summer 2009 edition.

A host of memories and many other artists who have walked the stages of the Saint-Nazaire festival in thirty years.

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