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A stop in Drummondville for rapper Fredz

(Editor’s note) The 15th edition of the Poutine Festival will take place from August 25 to 27 at the Center Marcel-Dionne site in Drummondville. For the occasion, L’Express spoke with five artists who are part of the program. One article will be published per week, until the event.

MUSIC. Montreal rapper Fredz has seen his popularity explode during the pandemic, thanks to his presence on social networks. His summer tour now launched, he is delighted to meet the public. He will tread the boards of the Festival de la poutine de Drummondville, on August 26, to present his new opus Astronaut.

At the age of 20, Fredz has carved out a place for himself in the music industry, shining on both the Quebec and international scene. The singer-songwriter already has two albums to his credit.

The rapper has a special relationship with his community. He is followed by nearly 190,000 followers on TikTok, while he reaches 63,000 people on Instagram. “I started using social media at the very beginning of the pandemic. It was the only way to make a name for myself because there was no more show. I was posting videos of me singing and rapping for a minute. That’s how I built my first audience, ”says the one who is from Longueuil.

In recent months, Fredz had the chance to present his first indoor concerts. “I have received a lot of love from the public over the past two years. Several subscribers were writing to me, but in the end, it was just names on Instagram. Today, it is much more concrete. I have the chance to meet these people. It helps me get to know them better.”

The artist began his summer tour in June. He traveled to Europe in July to perform a few shows in France and Belgium. Back in Canada, he will perform in different places across Quebec.

In August, the Montreal rapper will make a stop in Drummondville, as part of the Poutine Festival. On the Hydro-Québec stage, he will sing songs from his latest album as well as some of his first. “I’m going to have a band with me on the stage. It will be very rich musically. It’s still very different from what you can listen to on the platforms, ”he explains, specifying that he will offer an exclusive piece to festival-goers.

The performance will begin at 6:30 p.m. The singer-songwriter will share the stage with Lary Kidd (7:30 p.m.) and Koriass (8:45 p.m.). “It is an honor to share the stage with Koriass. It’s a big inspiration for me. Before I started making music, it was only him I listened to in terms of Quebec rap. This is among other things what pushed me to compose in French.

Note that this is Fredz’s second visit to Drummondville. He presented his first show during a double stage with the artist Marilyne Léonard at Espace Mandeville.

The latter retains good memories of his visit. “It was great, but I couldn’t taste the poutine. I will take myself back this time during the festival, ”he says, bursting out laughing.

A rising star

You should know that the career of the singer-songwriter took off quickly. About five years ago, the artist started playing guitar in his spare time. Fredz became interested in beat making, that is to say to the production of instrumental in hip-hop. The artist started singing and rapping, then publishing his creations on the web.

This is how K. Maro spotted it. The latter is an artist who has enjoyed international success. He is also the owner of an E.47 record label based in France.

Fredz received a message on Instagram from him. “He offered to meet me while he was in Montreal. That’s how it started to get more serious. Two months later, I signed my first record contract with him, at the age of 18,” he says.

Two years later, he has already produced two albums, either No one touches the sky (2020) and Astronaut (2022). Fredz has managed to develop a musical style that is unique to him, a mix between rap and pop. His creative process is essentially the same, from one album to another. The artist writes his songs live from his bedroom. He also works with a team of composers in France.

As part of his latest opus, the Montreal rapper has chosen to borrow an introspective pen so that listeners can recognize themselves through his stories.

Fredz addresses several themes. “It’s the fun to write songs that talk about lighter topics like love. At a certain point, I wanted to tackle other subjects, such as the feminist fight. They say is a song that was very rewarding to write. I feel like I’m doing my part, which is pretty good.”

Note that the artist has nearly 300,000 monthly listens on Spotify and one of his most popular songs As it seem racked up 5 million streams.

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