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8 things to know about Alvan & Ahez, the Bretons of Eurovision

1/An inspiration from Normandy?

The Alvan & Ahez group was born in the summer of 2021, when Alexis Morvan, known on the electro scene, met Marine Lavigne in the Rennes bar L’Artiste Assoiffé. Alexis has been trying for several weeks to add an ethnic Breton note to his music – like one of his inspirations, the Normand Fakear. Marine introduces him to Sterenn Le Guillou and Sterenn Diridollou, from the Ahez group. The adventure can begin.

2/They sing a Breton legend

The title “Fulenn”, in neo-trad style, is inspired by the Breton legend of Katell Gollet. It’s the story of a young girl who likes to go dancing, which is frowned upon. On the way to the ball, she meets a mysterious young man. It’s the devil! He spins it around until death ensues. The Alvan & Ahez version celebrates an emancipated and positive Katell. “Fulenn” means, in Breton, spark, and sometimes designates a young girl.

3/The Spaniards love them

” You there ! I hear you speaking French. Tell me why your representatives at Eurovision don’t sing in your language! The sincere astonishment of this Italian volunteer met in Turin reflects that of the other participating countries. “Fulenn” is entirely in Breton.

A first since the performance of Dan Ar Braz & L’Héritage des Celtes, in 1996. This recognition of a regional specificity greatly pleased Irish, Welsh and Italian fans… “We love you, the Bretons! exclaims a Spanish journalist. “You remind us of the Tanxugueiras, this group which did not pass our national selections and which sang in Galician…”

4/Singers from Diwan

If Alexis did not know the Breton language too well before being immersed in the Eurovision bath, this is not the case for his mother, his grandmother and his great-grandmother. All three sang in Breton. As for Marine and the two Sterenns, they practiced kan ha diskan at the Diwan high school in Carhaix. You may have already seen them on stage at the Interceltic Festival of Lorient or at the Vieilles Charrues.

The first time the four of us really sang “Fulenn” was during the audition. We didn’t have time to prepare beforehand!

5/A lightning success

Alvan & Ahez have literally been catapulted into the world of Eurovision. Presented in selection by the manager of Alexis, they easily won the ticket to the show which will end on Saturday in Turin (Italy). Sterenn Le Guillou is still very surprised: “At the beginning, we didn’t know each other very well. The first time the four of us really sang “Fulenn” was during the audition. We didn’t have time to prepare beforehand! »

6/The costumes are made in Brittany

The splendid clothes of Alvan & Ahez are reminiscent of traditional Breton outfits. They were made by Pascal Jaouen. This embroiderer and stylist from Quimper has made dresses for Nolwenn Leroy. He also opened embroidery schools where he brings Breton know-how to life.

We have already won! By making incredible encounters, by bringing our music to life here…

7/ The Czechs saved them

Of course, when the time comes for the public votes for Eurovision, the voices of Alvan & Ahez will go to the Czech group We are Domi. “They saved us every time we had a problem! When the Bretons find themselves without earpieces when going on stage, the Czech colleagues offer theirs. When they find themselves locked out after slamming the door during a trip to Madrid, who comes to open the door? We are Domi! “We love them, they are our friends! We are similar in personality. We met so many cool artists during Eurovision…”

8/In fact, they have already won

Let it be said, the Bretons are not afraid of losing. “We have already won! smiles Alexis. “By meeting incredible people, by bringing our music to life here…” What do they fear the most? Let the adventure come to an end. “Our head of selection warned us that we risked suffering from what is called “the post-Eurovision depression”. The quartet have been spending their days together and with the delegation for two months. “We can’t tell ourselves that we won’t see all these people with whom we have forged such strong ties. »

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