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(75, 92, 77). FESTIVAL INVENTIO 2022: May 19 – Sept 17, 2022: “Travel Notes”

(75, 92, 77). FESTIVAL INVENTIO 2022: May 19 – Sept 17, 2022. The 7th INVENTIO Festival takes place from May to September 2022; it is designed by its artistic director, the violinist LEO MARILLIER (member of the Diotima Quartet since Dec 2021) on which CLASSIQUENEWS reported on the fabulous disc dedicated to Rochberg’s Variations (world premiere recorded / CLICK of CLASSIQUENEWS 2022, March 2022): the 2022 edition celebrates the traveling spirit, the movement of travel , the experience of change and encounters. The title says it all perfectly. Travel Notes “. The 2022 festival offers several milestones in a formidable odyssey; after its opening (May 19, at the Sainte-Geneviève Library in PARIS, for a theatrical show designed by Léo Marillier, dedicated to the Centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses), from June to September 2022: theater, open stage , film, replays…

marillier-leo-violin-inventio-festival-rochberg-variations-classiquenews-concerts-festival-opera-annonce-critique-opera-cd“Happy who, like Odysseus, has traveled a lot”. Happy ? Odysseus, condemned to wander and survive the ten years of his return to his Ithaca? Did Ulysses finally complete a journey, does this journey make him a hero or a man? In 2022, Inventio explores this theme of nostalgia, endurance-wandering, pleasure, and finally these “islands” that the concerts propose to be. Echoing Homer, I propose to articulate part of this program around James Joyce… ” noted Leo Marillierfor foreword to the 7th edition 2022.
Inventio 2022 concerts lay down the benchmarks of an extraordinary journey questioning Schumann’s Trio n°3, exoticism in Rameau, the possibilities of bridges between South American culture and Beethoven; the tender and melancholy navigation of Jean Cras; the noises of the world and unleashed nature in Andrew Newman and Xenakis… without omitting what makes us understand Beethoven’s Sonata opus 110.
Plural and always in search, the Festival opens up new perspectives: “ Like Joyce, whose Odyssey takes place on the single day of June 16, 1904, Janacek proposes to speak of a day (October 1, 1905) that would have been forgotten without his moving chronicle of it. Exiled, Villa-Lobos and Ligeti are the spokespersons of their heritage through art music. Rochberg seizes on the very heritage of scholarly music, and creates a world-work from the theme of Paganini’s 24th caprice, making and undoing the latter like the Homeric Penelope. Elliott Carter, in his last work, composed at the age of 103, chronicles in his Epigrams a life of research and expression “specify again Leo Marillier.
In total, after the creation “L’autre Ulysse”, on May 19, 2022 in PARIS, 9 gigs events await you in June (June 9, 10, 19 and 25), the July 1, 2 and 3 ; then the September 10 and 17, 2022.

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LAUNCH May 19, 2022
The Other Ulysses / Theatrical Fantasy
PARIS, Sainte-Genneviève Library – reservation recommended here:


June 9, 2022
BRAY, Le Renaissance Cinema
Movie: People of Dublin (John Huston)
At the end of the screening: presentation of the INVENTIO 2022 edition

June 10, 2022
ASNIERES (92), Theater of the traveler
String trios: Brahms, Carter, Schumann
R Chretien, D Saudubray, L Marillier

June 19, 2022
EVERLY (77), Kiosk
French music in the park: flute / piano
Cras, Ravel, Jongen, Jolivet
S Casale, A Rouxel

June 25, 2022
DONNEMARIE (77), church
From here and elsewhere: Ravel, Janacek, Ligeti, Beethoven (Opus 110)
Marillier: Disparve per lo foco (creation)
Piano Recital: Y Hasegawa


July 1, 2022
La FERTE SOUS JOUARRE (77), Royal Marquee Boui-Boui
String Quartet: Haydn, Darvishi, Beethoven (Razumovsky)
Metamorphoses Quartet

July 2, 2022
BOISSY LE CHATEL (77), Galleria Continua
Accordion / euphonium recital: Bach, Glazounov, Escaich…
J Sinoimeri, C Roger

July 3, 2022
DONNEMARIE (77), church
Guitar Duo: Royer, Mompou, Assad…
V Kappes, B Ramond


September 10, 2022
LONGUEVILLE (77), Rotonde Living railway museum
Brass quintet, A Feydy / readings by J Bonnafé
Suites in A: Rameau, Bonnaffé (creation)

September 17, 2022
PROVINS (77): Cordieres convent
Concert of the cd ROCHBERG VARIATIONS, Bach, Xenakis
Leo Marillier, violin



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