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♥ Review Avignon Off / “2 Sisters” by Marien Tillet: between fear and fascination

Attention : If the shows, which we were able to see before the Festival d’Avignon and Festival Off Avignon of this year, are made by the same directors and/or the same companies, the distributions of some of them are likely to have changed.

Presented at 11 • Avignon, as part of the Festival Off Avignon 2022, 2 sisters made Bulles de Culture’s heart tremble with fear and emotion. An incredible performance by Marien Tillet! Bulles de Culture’s opinion and theater review on this favorite show.


When Marc, an ethnologist, brings this sublime and old wardrobe into his life, he does not know that it will completely upset him, and lead him on the trail of Aïleen and her sister, who died in 1953 in Ireland. under strange conditions.

2 sistersa wonderful story

Marien Tillet in the show “2 Sisters” © Cédric Demaison

To bring history to life Marie Tillet and his violin, a few decorative elements, raw wood, a little light… and that’s it!

2 sisters thus reconnects with the ancestral tradition of storytellers, who, alone in front of the public, know how to create a story from the sole ability they have to tell it. We thus let ourselves embark here with disconcerting ease in an investigation that takes us back in time.

And the story we are told is cleverly imagined: a clumsy hero, fantastic elements, love and an investigation in the form of a thriller.

While exchanging regularly with the public and regularly breaking down the fourth wall, Marien Tillet brilliantly manages to play with our emotions. Everything we go through with 2 sisters is incredible: laughter, thrill, doubt, fear, elation.

As in the most successful stories, no element is free and all the clues that accumulate come to take place in a sense, sublimated and superior at the end of the show, when the enigma is definitively resolved.

We are not far, after all, from a writing à la Alexis Michalik, precise and effective, while keeping metaphors and an inexplicable part of beauty.

A full show

While playing the emotional card to the fullest, 2 sisters also touches by its total dimension: it is a whole universe which is brilliantly constructed, a musical universe in particular. Also the place of the violin also depends on the success of the show. It refers to the geography of the show, and brings to life the Irish reference of the play — Marie Tillet goes so far as to invent an Irish ballad for the show!

But it goes further.

Using all the visual and sound possibilities of her instrument, Marien Tillet also uses it as a metaphor for Aïleen’s diary, found in a mysterious cupboard, and in this way a fully-fledged actor in the show. The violin therefore participates in all the emotions we go through during the performance.

2 sisters, it is also a journey on the trail of collective hysteria, a subject of study by Marc, the ethnologist of history, and an effective subject for giving substance to fiction and investigation. We then explore what transforms the average man into an unimaginable executioner.

In 2 sistersit is an unfair drama that is behind the resurgence of a monstrous witch hunt.

A show therefore to create an effective dialogue with the sisters proposed by the Cie Plumea to Off Avignon Festival 2022 and which we will chronicle soon.

Our opinion ?

Because it made us shiver with fear and pleasure, because it also shook us and made us think, because nothing is as powerful as being carried away by a sublime story beautifully told, 2 sisters is a favorite of Bulles de Culture and a show not to be missed!

Learn more:

  • 2 sisters at the Festival Off Avignon 2022 at 11 • Avignon, from July 7 to 29 at 1:25 p.m. No classes on July 12, 19, 26
  • Duration: 1h15
  • Show from 15 years old
  • Official website of the company Le Cri de l’Armoire
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